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For the fierce, feminine, and beautifully bold!

I thoroughly love photography as a whole and all my amazing clients I get to work with, but, one of my supreme passions is empowering and inspiring the lives of others through photography! And typically this transformation happens when I get to work with women in way of boudoir.

I love letting the beautiful fierce beauties they are, shine free!

One of our main styling points for a boudoir session is lingerie!
There are many different style "types", and all of them flatter bodies differently. Our goal is to find your comfort level for wardrobe options but also plan to flatter your unique body type.
Boudoir is not just for women who match those who could be in an underwear magazine! Women all shapes and sizes look amazing in some styled lingerie.

Styled Lingerie

From boy shorts to g-strings,
body suits to corsets, there is a style for everyone.

Some carry a more unique shape but for most, women tend to fall into 1 of 6 different body types.
The pear, diamond, apple, hourglass. straight and full bust.

We sit down and identify your body type and talk about styles you love!

More Modest

Some women prefer to stay more modest when it comes to apparel and that is 100% okay!
We would never want to push you to feel uncomfortable. I mean, again, this is all about YOU and feeling that love for yourself so we have options for you too!

We will pick out some dresses, slips, and maybe even some pajama type wear to see what fits you. The goal is to still bring out the sexy but stay within your limits.


This is typically for the more fierce and bold. We are 100% okay with nude options for your boudoir. We still work on posing and techniques in your session to keep a classy elegant look to your images. We work with your body to create the most flattering look with out taking away from any of your assets!
A very popular choice is to go partial nude for some outfit options to mix it up some!

Empowering Women

It doesn't matter what you think when you look in that mirror! You are a fiercely beautiful individual and deserve to feel like the goddess that you are!

My job as the photographer is to set the scene, help plan every detail of your session specifics and draw out that inner beauty so we can capture it and mass produce it for you to love forever!
Many women are in complete shock when they see their images for the first time. They don't even believe that its really them! Most women have never seen themselves in such a beautiful way before and it is honestly life altering.

I always say "well, yeah its you!" "I told you she was in there!"
And that's the honest truth! That "woman" is inside all of us, but is very often locked away due to the lack of love we have for ourselves!
I don't mind those boudoir sessions for women whom want to give a something special gift for the one they love. Its an awesome surprise and gift for many different occasions. However, what I'm really looking for is the client that wants to do a boudoir session for HERSELF. She truly wants to let go and find her inner beauty by letting down all walls, all imperfections, and any self doubt so she can create a masterpiece through photography that may help her reconnect with herself!


When you're ready, head to our Boudoir Package Page to see what all is included and to book your session today!

The Lingerie

Our goal is to flatter your body how it is and accentuate all those assets!
And we mean assets! Thanks to all the different lingerie styles, we sit down with you and talk about you as a person inside and out! We want to know what you love and don't love. And even what you want to love more!
We take this knowledge we acquired from you and we create unique style or mood boards to share our ideas. There may be some items we have in studio that we allow clients to use. We only keep items that meet our sanitary restrictions.

But beyond those items, we talk about what you might already own and we also give ideas for purchasing affordable lingerie items for your session.

Most times our mood boards will have links attached to items we have chosen so they are easily purchased or looked up, if you choose you want to purchase that individual piece. We tell our clients to keep things simple and not to go over board on buying outfit options. We will decide together how many outfits we need to plan on and go from there.


One item we also discuss for outfits are shoes! We do try and keep a variety in studio that may fit in between sizes but we will also ask if you have any specific shoes you love or currently have that you want included.

Hair & Makeup

Another important part of the process is hair and makeup!
There are some options we can discuss but typically we work hair and makeup expenses into our package costs.
When getting a professional photography experience, we want to create a starting canvas for you to feel as perfect and flawless as possible.

Finished Product

This is the best part!
After we are all finished with your images, we have what we call a premium showing were we have you come back to view all your images in a presentation. It is where the magic flows! We also have alternative options for clients farther away.

I go over my favorites of your images and any of the specifics we may have set out to capture and we decide in what way, we want to capture your forever memories!
Some packages have perks and books included. Head to our
Boudoir Package Page when you're ready and make sure to book your session today!

Having hair and makeup done before your session can really add a bold touch to your images. You will notice a more professional look and a look that you may not do on a daily basis. I mean, you don't normally dress up in lingerie and take pictures every day so why not have your makeup and hair done extra special for the occasion!

And if you do.. we need to be friends!


This is another topic we discuss in advanced for your session. We have a hair and makeup artist on hand and they are given your information on what you love and don't love and what we are looking for, for this shoot!


Typically hair and make up take about an hour to hour and a half tops. And this is done immediately before we start your session. In total this makes your boudoir experience last about 3 to 4 hours in total.

Our most commonly purchased are books for your boudoir. Some clients do framed portraits and hang certain images in their home but the majority either have children or don't feel comfortable broadcasting their images as a display so they go with a designed album for their keeping. Either option is completely acceptable!

Our most common album and book products for boudoir are the following:

The Little Black Book

Coming in sizes 5x5, 8x8 and 10x10, this black real leather book can be custom in-scripted on the cover (in most sizes) for a custom finish. These books hold up to 30 pages or 15 spreads.

Hard Cover Press Book

Available in sizes 8x8, 8x10 and 10x10 this press book can be ordered with a plain black leatherette cover or customized with a photo cover. This book comes with 30 pages or 15 spreads complimentary but can hold up to 100 pages or 50 spreads.

Like we stated before, we do offer traditional portraits and many other options as well.

We will find an options that may work for you, in keeping your experience of a lifetime alive forever!


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