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-Kristina Dekraker

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Michigan. I am a huge animal lover. I have two dogs at home; my sheltie, Oscar and my pit-tie, Annabelle. Along with them, I have an amazing husband and a wonderful little boy.

My son is on the autism spectrum so I am always looking for new ways to promote and share about autism awareness! For children of autism like my son, this really is so important!  He is so amazing at everything he does, and he truly inspires me with how he loves without fault and tackles every obstacle!  One of my business goals and dreams is to grow my profits not only for my business but also to build a charitable fund that can go to autism programs locally. There are so many events that this can be incorporated in and it can help support other families with special services to help their kiddos!

My son has truly been an inspiration to me and was also the main reason, I found my true calling and meaning for life! I spent many years chasing a dream I hated and just felt lost compared to the person I once was. It was like the creative and fun flame inside me had just gone out. It was truly depressing! 
A chain of unfortunate events caused me to lose my job and reality hit me smack in the face! My son was at his worst ever with adjusting to autism and we as a family were also not in a good place. After some time and conversation about options, the agreement was made to stay home and be my son's support beam and help him adjust and learn how to deal with his own autism. Little did we know, but this choice was also saving us as a family too!

My son is so full of life, creativity, love and compassion. It is contagious and you cant help but feel lifted and whole when with him.  As much as i thought i was here helping him, he was actually healing and helping me. He allowed me to find my creative flame i had somehow lost since my early twenties. We spent many days finding fun activities to do together and as he adjusted and like spending time by himself playing, i felt i needed to also find a hobby to help me keep busy. So i'm sure you guessed it but I decided to buy a new toy, a camera! I used to constantly want the newest fun version of point and shoot cameras growing up and would also be the one snapping photos of everyone and everything. This time, I was curious about trying to take a little better quality images so bought an older dslr to play with and very shortly after, I found out that my son LOVED the camera. :) He would be so silly and love posing for the pictures then get excited to run around and see it on the back. I took a few classes to help strengthen my skills and learn all about what my new camera could do. We would go out and shoot people and placed and after a few months I started sharing images and getting feedback and found that my work actually wasn't too bad. It wasn't perfect yet, if there is a such thing... but it wasn't bad either! I kept taking classes to broaden my knowledge of how to take photos correctly that would be appealing to others and it definitely made my work stronger!

We had finally reached a time where my support was still needed but my son was also about to start a school program for pre-k kids on the autism spectrum. So this was my time to run with this re-found creative flame and do something for a living that fulfilled my purpose of life. 
I had gone through some bad times of life before meeting my husband and it took many years to rebuild myself, my confidence and my self worth. So you know what I now love doing more than anything... is empowering, boosting confidence and helping others find their own self worth! And, I have found a perfect avenue to do so.. through the camera! Most people are so shy and hate to be pictured but it is amazing to see their transformation once they can visually see their true and raw beauty as they are exposed in picture!

I believe that continual education is the only real way you can help yourself continue to grow with what you love and that is exactly what I do!  I am always taking some sort of education to help strengthen my skill, learn new ideas to try with clients and to also create a more efficient workflow.
I am very thankful to have had a steady growth within my company since we became legal in 2018 and I am looking forward to it continuing in the same direction for many more to come. I have found my true calling and have made it a point to live my life with my family coming first.  Life can be so short and I cannot be more thankful that my path was redirected to the one it is following now!

Thanks for reading a little about me and I hope my story inspires you also to find your true calling in life. In the end of life, money and positions in life mean nothing but those memories you make the love you have will stay with you forever!
God bless and I cant wait to learn more about you too!


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