The Photo Booth!

You know that fun photo taking machine that you get to put on props

and take hilarious and fun photos with?

Yea! That's a Photo Booth!

Our Photo Booth Services are a great add on to any Wedding or Event. We do also book our photo booth services for smaller events and occasions in the off seasons.

You will find package information below on the different photo booth services we offer!

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Our Photo Booth is self automated with an interactive touch pad paired with some professional lighting. Your guests and yourselves will be able to choose from select templates and quantity of images they'd like to capture during their session in the booth. We have a few basic templates available but we also create custom templates for your event to give that personal touch to your booth experience.

We now have two types of photo booth enclosures. One enclosure is our 10x10 fully enclosed pipe and drape system. An example of what a pipe and drape enclosure system looks like can be found to the right.
Adding our draped photo booth to your event can really give that professional and elegant feel to your fun.

We have a selection of different backdrops to choose from. We also allow the option of using your own backdrop as we have found some couples prefer to make their own for their event.

And lets not forget the awesome assortment of fun props we bring along for your festivities! We have lots of hats, masks, feather boas, glasses, and themed props to create a fun and hilarious time at your event.

Our other style enclosure is our inflatable photo booth. It is a 8x8 octagon shaped inflatable booth with led lights on the inside. You can choose to have a single color for your event or you can choose multi changing colors.
We plan to purchase a 2nd inflatable later this year to offer a white square photo booth option but until then we currently offer these 2 enclosure options.

No matter which package and photo booth style is right for you, all packages include on site prints and with wifi allowing, we can have email and text options set up at your event as well. Custom templates are designed for your event in your choice in 2x6 strips or 4x6 prints.  

A copy of all the photo booth images via digital gallery is available after the event. We do also have the option of including a memory book on site of event for guests to put their captured image in and sign. We typically make sure someone is there managing the memory book to help guests understand what they need to do and make sure the book gets completed by the end of the evening.

Many clients choose to have hashtags for their events and we LOVE that. We encourage guests to use the text, email or QR code option on the screen to easily upload their photo booth template to Instagram to stay with your personal hashtag!

Our offered packages for Photo Booth Services

The Bare Booth Option

Open Air Photo Booth
4 Hours of Service

All of our awesome props are included along with your choice of 2x6 or 4x6 prints on custom templates. Four prints are available per session but upgraded print packages are available if desired.


Our Photo Booth Kiosk and a choice of backdrop are provided. Clients do have the option to supply their own backdrop.
All you have to bring is the FUN!

Package starts at $475



The Enclosed Booth

Fully Enclosed Photo Booth
4 Hours of Service

Enjoy one of our enclosed photo booths with our black 8x8 inflatable booth

Our photo booth kiosk and printer stand is set up inside along with some professional lighting. We use the inside of the inflatable booth as your backdrop. You may choose a specific color for the inside or may choose to have rotating multi-color lights.

All of our awesome props are included along with your choice of 2x6 or 4x6 prints with custom template options. Each session allows for four prints but upgraded print packages are available if desired.

This package really brings the fun and party feel to your event!

Package starts at $595



The Premium Booth

The Premium Photo Booth Experience
4 Hours of Service

Our Premium Package is the top notch when booking your fun photo booth experience! Enjoy our fully enclosed 10x10 draped photo booth. It brings a more elegant touch to your event.

Our photo booth kiosk and printer stand is set up inside along with some of our professional lighting. A choice of backdrops will also be available for inside the draped photo booth.

We have a wide assortment of props included for you and your guests.

This package also includes a larger print package allowing you unlimited prints per session with multiple choices in templates.

You will have the choice choice between 2x6 strips or 4x6 prints for your custom templates.

Package starts at $795



Add-on options and upgrades are available for all packages. 

We offer upgrades in print packages, backdrop options and can also add on our memory keepsake album.

We do offer additional booth hours as well by the hour if needed.

For wedding events, we plan on the booth being available for the duration of your entire event.

Please inquire for upgrade pricing and any questions on packages.

We look forward to a fun time at your event!

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