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Why should you invest in your photography?

Photography is cheap right? why would you pay more for photography services when you can get it for cheap by almost anyone? Well have you heard the phrase, "you get what you pay for?" 
I know, I know.. you've heard it before but when it comes to something like photography, its so true! True professionals invest so much of their time into branding, marketing, professional equipment, mastering editing and technique when capturing your sessions. This requires classes and practice. A professional invests in the experience their clients will have when capturing a session together. This is more than just freebies and gifts, this is our time. What time of ours can we give to you to ensure your experience is easier, less stressful and all out enjoyable.

If you've had professional photography before, ask yourself these questions? Did your photographer give style tips and not to do's? Did they help plan and style your session down to outfit selections to match season or style of shoot? Did your photographer make the booking process easy and seamless and work out the details for you on location and best time of day? Did your photographer offer more than just digital files to you? Did you purchase anything more than digital files? Where are those digital files now? Did you have intention of purchasing prints with your digital files and never got around to it? Yea.. I understand because I too once upon a time hired a cheap photographer for my wedding, didn't like over half of my images and I don't even know where those discs are today!
If you answered yea to a lot of the questions above, good for you! You probably worked with a professional and hopefully had a great experience! If you answered no, then its time to learn more about photography and allow yourself a better experience this next time!

On top of all those things listed above, we want you to have the full luxury experience when it comes to your images. If time and distance allows, we enjoy showing our clients their images through a personalized presentation either in the studio or in your home. We have additional options as well but the more we can do for you to enhance your experience the better. We talk about products, prints and what your end goal is for your images. We will take care of your ordering, framing and design work so you get to take home your piece of art and hang it right on the wall. Your books will be finished and packaged neatly so they can be stored and viewed in as perfect condition as they were originally made for years to come.

This is the kind of experience that every client should have when they invest in professional photography. If you have yet to experience this then lets start talking today so you can!

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."
-Dorothea Lange

Sandy Prints Photography 

Holland, MI 49423
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