Viola turns One!!!

Hi there guys and gals! I am Viola and of course this is fabulous me below...

We celebrated my very 1st birthday on Sunday! It was so exciting to see all our family and friends and they were all there for me! Of course it was a bit of a surprise for me that afternoon... one I wasn't expecting! Last I knew.. I fell asleep all warm and cozy in my seat. It was quiet and relaxing like normal. And next... there were all these faces! It was like waking up still in a dream. However, once I realized mom and dad were here with me I was okay and happy to welcome some snuggles! Mom, dad, family and friends had worked very hard at decorating and preparing everything for my party. There were strawberries everywhere! But its okay because I LOVED it! Mom even ordered me a giant strawberry that had my name on it and I even get to keep it!

There were so many people that showed up for my day so of course they had to prepare all sorts of food. There was a giant assortment and I just watched as everyone lined up for some goodies.

Mom even brought this awesome chocolate fountain thing! I didn't get to have any but everyone else loved it! There were fruits, marshmallows, donuts.. you name it! I'm really glad that every one liked it and enjoyed themselves at my party. I even got to sit and enjoy some munchies for a little while too. I had to fuel up for what was yet to come! But parties aren't only about food.. so soon after came the good stuff for me and boy did I enjoy it!

I sat with mom and dad as we opened presents. I got lots of awesome stuff. There were presents after presents after presents! I'm so glad mom and dad helped me open them all because I don't think my little hands could have kept up. I LOVED all the cups I got and of course the toys. There were these outfit things I got too but I think I like the hangers more. Mom seemed to be really excited though at some of the clothes I got and I think were going to have to do a little fashion show for dad! My favorite gift of the day had to have been this amazing bow I got. It was an accessory to one of my presents!

And FINALLLLLYYYYY...... came the CAKE! I was starting to get kind of tired from all this partying but then they brought out this amazing little cake just for me. It was a giant strawberry! I wasn't so sure what to think at first but once I tried it.. mmmmm mmmmmm was it good!

There were these giant seeds on my strawberry. I took my time picking them off one at a time and man were they yummy! Mom helped me dig a little deeper and to my amazement there was a cake inside my strawberry! The outside stuff was the most yummy tho!

I want to say a big thank you to all of my peeps that came out that day! Thank you for giving me a giant surprise that turned into an amazing day full of fun and yummy foods! There will be more wonderful pictures of myself and all of you at the party surfacing soon. For now I am checking out of the internet and into a nap. Hopefully no surprises when I wake up this time!


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